Francesco Gambelli

Hello to everyone, I am Francesco Gambelli. I was born in Ancona on 03 April 2000.
I grew up loving the technology and science, but especially cars. I had the previlege to follow my passion so through the scientific high school and then in university I strongly pursued innovation in automotive world, first in my mechanical vehicle engineering at the bachelor and now I am studing electric vehicle engineering at MUNER as my Master Degree.

During  my studies I deepened differnet areas of work, always bringing attention to automotive application. The combination of materials, engine components design and Computer Aided Design  allow me to go into the classic mechanical foundamentals that were sourrounded with knowledge of vibration, manifacturing tecnologies and fulid dynamics. The Electrotehnics and electrical machines and the electrical machines and drives  exams have had a major impact in my studies and allow me to  continue my studies in that field.
During my last year at Modena university I was part of the pilot program for the formula student electric vehicle, since it was the first year of this new team, all those who want to contribute to a specific area were licensed, so I choosed to study the static and dynamic beahaviur of the IPM motor that was made for our purposes , in a second time I had to find the most suitable inverter for our application and also find the best way to design a battery pack with commercials cells.

Now in my master's degree my studies are focused on electric vehicle: from energy storage systems to advanced electric drives and sensors and power electronic converters. The concepts of electromagnetic compatibility and wireless power transfer is going to take a huge impact in nowadays research, but also the an overview of dynamic and complaint control of electric vehicle are topics that find a very important places in my studies.

Throughout my academic career I also gained oral and written communication abilities, and thanks to the several project that we are doing I also strengthened my skills in collaboration, relationship with collegues and superiors, organization and leadership.

In my free time I used to be a track marschal in F1, MotoGp and also in minor competition, this was an experience that pushed me to understand more about car competition when tracks day arrives